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Dyra began her music and performance journey at the age of 6.

She is an accomplished stage actress, pianist, vocal coach, dance choreographer, and stage director with numerous stage performances to her credit. She has performed with the Children's Guild, Cabaret for Kids, and Annual Reports for eight years. A versatile vocalist, her performances cover a wide range of genres and styles...including Jazz, Blues, R & B, Pop, Showtunes & Gospel.

Dyra performs at many venues locally and abroad (such as the Hippodrone Theatre, The Baltimore Museum Of Art and Gertrudes, The Benjamin Banneker Museum, The Childrens Guild, The Viva Italia Auto Expo), and some of Baltimore's most popular restaurants, night scenes and several private affairs.

The Dyra Wolf Project, which consist of various musicians continues to perform steadily. Dyra also is the keyboardist for Jazz Guitarist Rob Reason, as well as his vocalist; they continue to perform steadily...!

She released her debut CD "Here I Am" in November 2017, on which she wrote, composed, and plays piano and synthesizer. Dyra is an accomplished recording engineer, writer and producer...!

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